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Welcome to Sherwood Park Speech Therapy | Private Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) Serving Sherwood Park, AB

Welcome! You’ve discovered Sherwood Park Speech Therapy, your dedicated partner in communication enhancement. Nestled in the heart of Sherwood Park, Alberta, our mission is to empower individuals across all age groups to express themselves freely and effectively.

At Sherwood Park Speech Therapy, our team comprises compassionate and Registered Speech Language Pathologists with a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding speech and communication challenges. We are committed to walking alongside you, offering tailored solutions designed to facilitate your unique communication needs.

Our Expertise

What can you anticipate from our SLP team? Below is an overview of our specialized services:

  • Detailed Speech and Language Evaluations
  • Articulation Therapy
  • Language Enrichment Activities
  • Voice Disorder Management
  • Dysphagia Therapy

Our Registered Speech Language Pathologists are dedicated to providing comprehensive, individualized services to clients of all ages. We focus on delivering evidence-based, effective treatments to equip our clients with the necessary skills to communicate confidently.

Understanding Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology is devoted to the assessment and treatment of speech, language, voice, swallowing, and cognitive-communication disorders. Our experts specialize in various conditions, including stuttering, apraxia, language formulation issues, and phonological disorders, among others. We are here to support every aspect of your communication health. (ASHA, n.d.).

Addressing Stuttering

Stuttering involves involuntary disruptions in speech flow, affecting individuals universally. At Sherwood Park Speech Therapy, we apply proven methods to assist our clients in managing stuttering, enhancing fluency, and improving overall communication efficacy. (NIDCD, 2020).

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

CAS is a motor speech disorder impacting a child’s precision and consistency in producing speech sounds. We leverage cutting-edge research and tailored therapeutic activities to aid children in developing the motor skills necessary for clear speech. (ASHA, n.d.).

Supporting Diverse Communication Needs

Whether aiding young children with speech or language delays or assisting adults in regaining communication abilities post-stroke, our professionals are equipped to help. We offer specialized assistance for Autism Spectrum Disorder, employing targeted techniques to improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Accent Modification Services

For individuals aiming to adjust their accent for personal or professional reasons, we provide specialized accent modification programs. Our goal is to enhance speech clarity and confidence without altering your unique identity.

Commitment to Communication Excellence

At Sherwood Park Speech Therapy, we are passionate about unlocking the power of communication. We are here to help you navigate your communication challenges and achieve your goals. Contact us to explore our services and learn how we can support your or your loved one’s journey toward communication success.

Our Commitment to You

Sherwood Park Speech Therapy is your sanctuary for communication growth. We aspire to create an environment where you feel secure, welcomed, and prepared to advance in your communication journey. We stay at the forefront of our field, bringing you the latest research and techniques.

Let’s Connect

Everyone merits a voice that truly represents them. At Sherwood Park Speech Therapy, we’re honored to accompany you on your path to improved communication. If you’re ready to begin or have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you.

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