Our Services

Hey there, friend! We recognize that every journey towards better communication is unique, which is why Sherwood Park Speech Therapy provides a range of services designed to meet individual needs. Our dedication lies in supporting you or your loved one at every step. Here’s a glimpse into the possibilities we offer:


Facing a world that sometimes seems lacking in patience can be daunting for those who stutter. We’re here to ease this path with effective techniques aimed at managing stuttering, facilitating smoother and more relaxed conversations.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Speech should be a source of happiness, not frustration. For children with CAS, we offer engaging and targeted exercises to enhance the coordination of speech muscles, making communication enjoyable.

AAC Use (LAMP certified)

As proud LAMP-certified professionals, we’re equipped to offer advanced communication strategies through alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to communicate, regardless of their speech capabilities.

Expressive and Receptive Language Delays and Disorders

When challenges arise in understanding or expressing language, we come prepared with effective tools and strategies. Our focus is on improving comprehension and expressive abilities, facilitating better interaction with the world.

Phonological Disorders

Issues like sound substitutions or distortions can obscure speech clarity. Our approach includes breaking these patterns and teaching accurate sound production, leading to more confident and understandable speech.

Articulation Delays

Individuals develop at their own pace, yet persistent articulation issues require attention. Through engaging activities, we aim to improve speech clarity.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder may bring about communication challenges. Our tailored therapy strategies support individuals with ASD in expressing themselves more clearly.

Accent Modification

Embrace your global roots, but if your accent is causing communication hitches, we’re here to help! Our accent modification program focuses on clarity, so your voice can be heard loud and clear.

Pre-Reading Skills

The journey to becoming an avid reader begins before children can even read. We nurture pre-reading skills, like phonemic awareness and letter knowledge, setting a strong foundation for future reading success.

Language Formulation Difficulties

When it’s tough to put thoughts into words, we’re here to assist. Our program helps enhance language formulation, making it easier to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Ready to kick-start your communication journey with us? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about any of these services, or to book a consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!