Pre-Reading Skills Therapy

Hello and a warm welcome to the Pre-Reading Skills Therapy section at Sherwood Park Speech Therapy. We’re passionate about nurturing young storytellers and equipping them with the foundational skills they need to embark on their reading adventure. After all, the journey to becoming an avid reader begins well before formal education starts.

Pre-reading skills are crucial building blocks for literacy, encompassing the understanding that print has meaning, letter and sound recognition, vocabulary development, and listening comprehension. These skills are vital for setting children on the path to reading success once they begin formal education.

Our speech-language pathologists specialize in fostering these essential pre-reading skills. Recognizing the unique learning journey of each child, we customize our therapy to best suit their individual needs and preferences.

Our sessions are filled with enjoyable and stimulating activities aimed at promoting a love for language and reading. Whether through phonemic games, interactive book reading, storytelling through art, or engaging in nursery rhymes, each activity is designed to enhance pre-reading skills.

Beyond developing skills, our focus is also on nurturing children’s confidence and enjoyment in learning. We believe that a positive and joyful learning experience significantly contributes to a child’s success.

Parents and caregivers are crucial partners in this developmental journey. We offer support and resources to help you reinforce pre-reading skills at home, understanding that consistency is key to fostering reading readiness.

The Pre-Reading Skills Therapy program at Sherwood Park Speech Therapy is dedicated to laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of reading. We’re committed to supporting every child in finding their voice and story, preparing them to not only tell but also read their own stories.

If you’re eager to begin your child’s pre-reading journey or seeking guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you and are excited to play a part in your child’s path to becoming a successful reader.

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