Phonological Disorders Therapy

Welcome to the Phonological Disorders Therapy section at Sherwood Park Speech Therapy. If your child is encountering difficulties with the sound rules that govern speech, leading to speech that is distinct or challenging to comprehend, you’ve come to the right place for assistance.

A phonological disorder involves consistent speech errors, such as substituting one sound for another, omitting sounds, or inappropriate sound use. These patterns of errors are more than just typical speech mistakes that children outgrow; they can significantly affect a child’s intelligibility.

Our team of speech-language pathologists specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of phonological disorders. Recognizing the individuality of each child, our therapy plans are customized to meet their particular needs and learning preferences.

We design our therapy sessions to be both enjoyable and educational, incorporating activities that children find engaging. Our aim is to assist children in recognizing and correcting their speech patterns, which may include listening exercises, sound practice, or games designed to promote accurate sound production. We strive to make the learning process fun and motivational.

Our approach goes beyond merely correcting speech patterns; we also focus on enhancing the child’s confidence in their speech abilities. We celebrate every progress, recognizing each achievement as an essential step towards clearer communication.

Furthermore, our support extends to parents and caregivers. We offer advice and resources to help you reinforce speech development at home, understanding that consistent practice is crucial for effective progress.

The Phonological Disorders Therapy program at Sherwood Park Speech Therapy is dedicated to enabling children to communicate with clarity and confidence. We are committed to ensuring that every child’s voice is heard and understood.

If you’re considering starting speech therapy for your child or seeking more information, please get in touch. We are here to support your family and look forward to being a part of your child’s journey towards effective communication.

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